November 18 - December 4, 2016
Directed by Jacob Shearer

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This provocative work combines the confrontation between mediocrity and genius into a dramatically powerful tale of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his rival Salieri. In the court of the Austrian Emperor Josef, Antonio Salieri is the established composer. Enter the most brilliant musical talent of all time: Mozart. Salieri has devoted himself to God in order to realize his sole ambition to be a great composer. Mozart is a young, foul-mouthed oaf who has that one quality which is well beyond Salieris envious grasp: Genius. Envy, scandal, comedy and murder are the result of a mediocre mans attempt to destroy the God given talent of another. Combined with the astoundingly beautiful music of Mozart and the darkest of jealousies, this complex story has been lauded throughout the world, having won the Tony Award for Best Play and the Academy Award for Best Film.


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